Kami and Gabrielle first started their journey together through the Alan Herdman Pilates Teacher Training Course. Alan Herdman is an elder in the UK Pilates industry. After training they both continued to work together in many different Pilates Studios focusing on Classical Pilates and also exploring other movement forms such as Yoga, which they both have a great interest in. 

Over the years of working together and continuing to learn and explore movement through discussion and practice, they have built a style of teaching and principles, which focuses on clean and clear technique looking at postural anatomy, breath and positive energy. Looking inquisitively at the individual.

Kami had been practicing Pilates for a number of years before she decided to train as a teacher with Alan Herdman. It was her Pilates teacher who encouraged her to study the method further. The initial training involved remedial Pilates and lectures with physiotherapist Sherley Hancock. After finishing the course, Kami continued to further her knowledge by joining the Pilates room and training in Classical Pilates. Exercise and wellness has always been a part of Kami's life. She comes from a family of  a professional sports player and a medical nurse. 

Before deciding to open a studio with Gabrielle she worked in the Pilates studio in Triyoga, Camden, the biggest yoga centre in Europe. This was very fortunate as she was able to practise Yoga and she still continues to do. 

Kami has a great eye for detail and her style focuses on healthy, functional movement, breath and alignment. 


Gabrielle’s ethos is to work with each individual as an individual, getting them to connect the mind, body and breath in a powerful and enjoyable way.

Gabrielle trained at Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance and went on on to perform as a contemporary dancer. During her dancing career, she faced a number of injuries and found the only way to regain her strength and return to the stage was through Pilates.

As a result of these experiences, Gabrielle became hungry for a deeper understanding of the body and the Pilates method. She decided to train with Alan Herdman, a key figure in UK Pilates. Gabrielle initially specialised in remedial Pilates and then expanded her training further by studying the Classical method. Gabrielle is also fascinated by Yoga and practices regularly alongside her Ballet classes.

Gabrielle has also gone through the amazing experience of having a baby, deepening her understanding and connection to Pre and Postnatal work.