The Movement Studio has changed my life, no exaggeration. Gabbi and Kami worked with me to rehabilitate my entire upper body after breast cancer surgery at 34 years old, and not only did I get my full mobility back but it kept me feeling mentally strong, safe and upbeat. My physical therapists and oncologist care providers were beyond impressed at the techniques I learned and the precision with which I could perform them thanks to these ladies’ careful, intelligent and thoughtful coaching. I am eternally grateful. - Brooke
A year ago, I was very overweight and suffering from sports injuries that made restarting an exercise program in my 40s pretty difficult. To complement a diet and gym regime I signed up for classes at The Movement Studio. After two sessions per week last year I have been amazed by the results, in terms of body-shape, strength, and flexibility. The friendly and knowledgeable teachers, together with the pleasant atmosphere in the studio, also make the sessions a welcome stress release from my busy day job. -Esther, solicitor
I’ve been going to the Movement Studio weekly for the last two years, having struggled with back and neck pain for years before. I’d tried lots of things, but Pilates is the first thing to have a long term positive impact. I’ve always found the studio a very calm and welcoming place to go, and Kami is a brilliant, patient teacher, particularly for someone who’d never done it before. Overall it’s made a massive difference to my body, particularly my neck, and it’s now an important part of my week. Thanks! -Ned, Deputy Director
I have been attending sessions at the Movement Studio for about 18 months and I am delighted with the results, which have been tangible. The professional, attentive and bespoke approach is underpinned by professionalism delivered with attention to detail and good humour. I have rediscovered muscles and movements lost over decades of hit and miss exercise and I look forward to my time of focused and targeted exercise every week. Thank you Gabbi and Kami. - Mary, Executive Director
Gabi and Kami were so welcoming from the very first session. They both really know their stuff. Gabi was so thorough when teaching and really learns all her clients different strengths and weaknesses. I absolutely loved my group classes every week and when I recently became pregnant Gabi was not only discreet but also knew exactly how to change my classes to adapt to my new condition! I’m gutted I was leaving the area as it is some of the best teaching I’ve ever had. Thank you! -Helen
The Pilates classes they offer are 100% personalised. All instructors are well trained and ready to help you improve you flexibility and posture regardless of your level of fitness. I have already recommended a few of my friends to come as it has helped me improve my posture and relief lower back and neck pain. In addition, with my better posture and breathing, I am more confident in everything I do now!- Anna